His Her 3 Piece Sterling Silver Wedding Engagement Ring Set

$ 259.98
$ 129.99

This matching his and her wedding set is the perfect intersection of femininity and strength.

All three of the rings are created in real 925 sterling silver, are set with the highest quality simulated gemstones, and are plated in tarnish free rhodium.

You can get the look of real gold and diamonds for less.

This affordable his and hers wedding ring set is not for the faint of heart.

It looks expensive, not cheap.BRIDAL RING SET FOR WOMEN:

Her wedding ring set is a two ring matching bridal set in a unique modern design.

The engagement ring features a 1.50 carat marquise cut cubic zirconia center stone of amazing cut, clarity and bright white color accented by bezel set accent stones.

Her wedding band is decorated in AAA quality CZ stones and is gently sculpted to fit the engagement ring.

Her matching wedding ring set contains approximately 3 carats of simulated diamond stones.

This stunning, unique, CZ wedding ring set is created in sterling silver that has been plated in rhodium.

Rhodium is a derivative of platinum, and is the same metal used to plate real gold and platinum rings, that means you get the look of real with the hefty price tag.


His wedding band is a wide thick and sturdy 8 MM wide sterling silver wedding band His band is decorated with inlaid square CZ stones and a rope braiding all the way around the top and bottom of the ring.